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Default Independent cam model

{Hi guys, I am an independent cam girl offering my service through skype for better prices. When you are on cam girl sites like livejasmin you are paying mostly to the website and only a small % goes to the girl.

If you want add blow_squirt on skype. Prices are based on time going for 15mins min.

I'll be waiting!
|I know Paypal doesn't allow payments to adult affiliates, but if I run an adult cam chat studio as a sole proprietorship, is there a way around this rule? Would it be legal and not a violation of Paypal's TOS for me to pay my girls (they are all independent contractors) from my personal Paypal account, or am I required to pay via my business account?

I should probably contact Paypal with this question, but thanks in advance for your answers, anyway!
|I've read through some of the already asked similar questions, but I am still a little confused. Is it possible to still file your taxes online on your own or is an accountant really necessary? I'd rather just be able to file my taxes online on my own as I've always done. Also, what would I need to keep to prove income? I've always had traditional jobs, and before I take the dive into being a cam girl, I want to be fully educated on the tax situation. The performer agreement clearly states " I am aware of my criminal liability and I understand that I am being contracted as a third party vendor to act, and I am personally responsible for any taxes owed. I understand that I am not in any way an employee or independent contractor" so would I just file taxes as self employed? Would I just keep a record of every check that the company sends me? I'd really appreciate it if someone who already works as a cam girl and has experience with handling their taxes could explain all of this a little better to me.
|I got hired as a cam girl, but they are still processing my forms, and they are taking too long...I may go w/ another cam agency, but I am unsure right now. I'd like to be an independent cam girl. How would I go about getting an apt?? Will it be an issue?? When the other company finishs my forms, they willl pay me w/direct deposit, but I have an option to log into my portal and also print out proof of their payments made to me in additin to my bank statements. I also have some rental history. But how would I prove proof of my income by doing it independently?? Would bank statments be enough?? And how would I do my taxeds?? I'm thinking that by my time it is for me to move, I wil be working for my cam agency, and have been paid a couple of times, but I want to go ahead and start making some money on my own. Do you think that it will be an issue for me to get an apt?? And also where it asks for employment, should I put self employed, and if they ask, I should just say I do modeling?? Thanks.
|Itís funny that when I go out for a walk I have at list more than 10 cars or men walking trying to talk to me or offering to give me a raid. I dress decent and I donít try to look good. I have never dated anyone form the clubs or bars before, because I donít think they are the best places to met guy or girls.
But lately I tried to give out my number to whom ever guy asked for it. Just to see if there was something wrong with me or what. And they never called lol lol .
I get good compliments from both man and woman and I am friendly and out going.
When I tell my male friends that I canít find a boyfriend they donít believe me. They say everyone wants to be with me, and that they would want to be with me too, ( I donít like them that why)

Is there something am doing thatís not right, or does everyone just thinks I am seeing someone.
|what becomes of strippers and pornstars and cam girls and all of these other women working in the adult industry? Surely, they find a partner too in life. Are they destined to lives of independent sluttiness? It just seems odd to me because, thousands upon thousands of women work in the sex industry and it seems incredible in the negative sense of the term that noone wants anything to do with them because they are not 'nice girls'..
|I'm a cam girl and my boss takes a percentage out of each of my payments. Right now, I get to keep up to 70% of what I make. I'm confused about why I have to pay taxes if he takes a percentage out and it's a business online? I would be filing a 1099 next year, because they have me as an independent contractor. I don't make that much, I don't get to keep everything I make, and I'm wondering what is it exactly I'm paying taxes for? I don't get health benefits or anything.
And our pays go through CCBill.

Could someone help me out and answer my questions? I really don't understand why I'm having to take 25% out of my paycheck and set it aside for taxes when he's already taking 30% out of what I make.

I hope you all understand my frustrations.
|for 3 years &my first day at a new school, ive had two best friends who have always been there.. But theres one "Friend A" that has always done little things to make sure she was alpha-female, and i felt bad about myself.. I dont think she did it intentionally.. but either-or.. She did. And as a quiet new girl... I just took it.
Now as a freshman... Who's became a lot more socialable and independent.. i cam to the realization i dont have to put up with it.. So anytime she fired at me... I did it right back... Friend A wasnt used to it.. and forces friend B to always take her side...
~They do this all the time... When we fight, they side up and im always alone... Even when friend B knows im right... Its like she's afraid to stray away from her... and now im her second choice.. What should I do?
(Sorry its REAAALLY long.. Lol. Thx in advance!)
|Alright, so I am writing a book, just for fun, and I am a bit stuck with the characters... The main character is a 14 year old named Amelia Butler, and she is sweet, smart, independent, and is not a girly-girl. She lives in a small town in Northern Michigan on the lake, with her father, (mother died three years earlier) and her six sisters. Amelia works at the local marina, owned family friends, where she fixes sails, engines, etc, and also helps out at the local dance studio. (The town they live in is really small, one main street)

Here's my dilemma:
1. Which middle name do you like for Amelia:
Amelia Mary Butler
Amelia Virginia Butler

2. Amelia is the only one out of the daughters in her family with blue-green eyes, and she is a spitting image of her mother. Should she have:
short dark brown curly hair or
long dark brown curly hair

3. There are two sets of twins in Amelia family. The pair of 13 year old twins are named Camellia Lynn and Caraline Rose (Cam and Cara) They are identical and have brown eyes.
Should they have:
long light brown straight hair or
bobbed light brown straight hair?

Thanks for answering my really long question! The sooner I get answers, the sooner I can start writing! Thanks!
|So, my girlfriend and I are likely to get to see each other much more often than we do now eventually, but for now, temporarily, we just have a non-exclusive long-distance relationship. We really do love each other independent of sexuality, but we're both kinda horny, and really attracted to each other.

Unfortunately, the best thing we can do regularly is to do sexy things for each other in front of a web cam. Now, my girlfriend is AMAZING, in every possible way. She's incredibly sweet and thoughtful, and totally safe for me to be myself with. And I think she's the hottest girl on the whole planet. Now, just earlier today, she and I were video chatting, and doing some sexy stuff for each other. But at first, she was trying on various swim suits and stuff, and she wanted to know which I liked best. I wasn't really doing much, just watching. Then we sorta started just playing around, and we both got naked, and were getting shots of each other in hot positions. My end soon became no longer private, and unfortunately that happens all to often. However, she wanted to continue, so I ended up getting a ton of really amazing views of her naked in all kinds of great positions. I felt really bad tho, cuz they don't even make sexy swim suits for me to show off to her like she did to me, and then I ended up not being able to keep giving her shots of me naked, so it ended up being just me watching and getting snap shots of her being sexy.

I feel really bad, cuz it seems like she's always doing something really hot for me, and I try to do hot stuff for her too, but I don't get to as often, and I'm not as imaginative about it. I feel really guilty, like I'm just soaking up her incredible sexiness, and not giving back as much of the same as I should. She said it was no big deal, and I could do stuff for her when I get the chance.

So, next time, I would really like to do better. I need some ideas. What are some super sexy things I could do to really turn her on at long range. I'll of course ask her too, but some other ideas might be nice.
Independent cam model
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still looking for cam job?
I fyou want i make seperate site to promote you
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